winter vegetables

Mysterious winter vegetables

Last week everything but meat and mushrooms seemed to disappear from the farmers market. It's been too cold for the high tunnel greens, and even the apples and pears are dwindling.

But there are two vegetables that endure: kohlrabi and celeriac. This winter we tried both. Let's just say that cerleriac had some unfortunate intestinal consequences and we probably won't go back. Kohlrabi, on the other hand was a wonderful surprise.


Though it looks like a root from an alien planet, kohlrabi is really an enlarged stem that tastes like a cross between cabbage and broccoli. Thin skinned, easy to slice, the flavor is nice and subtle and the texture is crisp and fresh. Such a surprise this time of year. 

We tried it boiled with butter and parmesan cheese but it seemed too mushy and a waste of such a light and airy food. Better to chop it into matchsticks for munching or slice thinly for salad.